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Join us for the first independent European Focus Group for Agile PLM.

A unique opportunity to:

  • learn more about European F&B legislation and requirements
  • meet industry experts
  • share best practice for the use and implementation of Agile PLM in different industries and markets
  • get acquainted and start a fruitful exchange of experiences with the European Customer Base


Executives or representatives
of European Oracle Agile PLM Users

Meeting Topics

We recognize that the demands of a PLM solution in Europe have different legislation requirements and retailer expectations than in the USA. Therefore, whilst maintaining close links with the Agile User Group in America, we welcome the opportunity to meet and review European specific requirements.


This first European User Group will be an opportunity to:

  • raise and discuss issues faced when using Agile
  • share best practice with each other
  • inform the experts of European challenges
  • facilitate our specific needs to be taken into account for future developments.

We will cover hot topics such as Navigation Searching and Exporting Searches, Change Management, Labelling and Compliance, and any issue that we face when using Agile.






Welcome and opening
Moderator & Speaker – Lisa Beattie



Closed Interactive Session: Focus Group Organisation, Management, Members and Objectives

Moderator – Lisa Beattie – PLM Project Manager – Intersnack 



Hot Topics
Interactive sessions with input from Agile Users to raise and discuss issues faced when using Agile, share best practice and inform experts of our challenges. 

Hot Topic 1 – General Navigation, Searching and Reporting

  • Navigation Searching and Exporting Searches;
    – User requirements for intuitive navigation in Agile;
    – Best practice and requirements for improvements to searching capability and exporting searches;
  • Reporting;
    – Discuss requirements for improved capability to report on attached files, including pdf;
    – Highlight alignment gaps in reporting capability across record types e.g. Challenges in Nutrient Profile reporting;
    – Share best practice on how others are solving the issues of reporting on the full product hierarchy e.g. Environmental data;
  • What other options exist besides BI Publisher?






Hot Topic 2 – GSM, SCRM and eQ – Change Management

  • Impact Analysis of ingredient changes and the effect of changes on recipes;
  • Levels of changes and how they are handled within the full product hierarchy;
  • How Change Management capabilities are used;
  • Improve capability for up-version of a Sourcing Specification (currently one Agile user imports new spec, re-populates and transfers all the attachments to the new one which is inefficient);
  • EQ – Issues getting Ingredient eq working with suppliers – Users experiences and suggested technical requirements to give to suppliers.



Hot Topic 3 – GSM, Labeling and Compliance

  • Ingredient Declaration including two component levels;
    EU Legal requirements for QUID to declare the share of ingredients, which consist on sub-ingredients, in conjunction with a working QUID calculation.
    Moisture (baking) loss within formulations, with or without added water as a material input.
  • How to account for impacts of factory processes and different regulatory rules in calculated data:
    – Factory Allergens;
    – Certifications based on subsets of input materials (e.g. Organic);
    – Process losses of constituents other than moisture;
    – Range of regulatory rules for calculating impact of process losses on labelling;
    – Rollup of >1 breakdown;
    – Variation of label data by market / product portfolio;
  • Labelling data creation and verification;
    – automation of compliance analysis;
    – identification of incomplete data within a product hierarchy.





Legal Requirements and Guidelines – Back of Pack Declarations

Speaker – Stephen Pugh – Specialist in EU food & drink information

Ingredient Declaration including two component levels. EU Legal requirements for QUID to declare the share of ingredients, which consist on sub-ingredients, in conjunction with a working QUID calculation.

Other Back of Pack Requirements – Nutritional Declaration and the labelling of drinks.
Questions and discussion.



Retailer and Consumer Demands for Compliant Data in a Digital Age

Speaker – James Peach – Brandbank 

Issues involved in supplying large amounts of digital food information when viewed in the context of EU Regulations on the Provision of Food Information to Consumers (FIC).

Is it now time to recognize the existence of the digital food information supply chain, as a separate entity that exists in parallel to the traditional food supply chain?
Questions and discussion.






Responses from the experts: Discussion on the Hot Topics with Oracle and Partners



Oracle Agile

  • Oracle Roadmap – what plans are there to enhance Agile compliance capabilities?
  • An opportunity to hear what new functionality is coming with future releases of Agile PLM

Speaker – Steven Delzell – Product Strategy Director at Oracle
Speaker – Kelly Mayfield – Senior Manager, Agile PLM for Process Product Management


Summary of the Day – Final Questions

Speaker – Lisa Beattie




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